Review #103: Kagoule – Urth

Artist – Kagoule
Album – Urth (2015)

Check it out –

Kagoule are a rock band from Nottingham, UK. The band consists of three members, Cai – vocals/guitar, Lucy – bassist/vocals and Lawrence – drums, whom formed Kagoule in 2011. The trio delve into a range of genres, for instance grunge and indie rock, which has gained them support slots with similar artists such as Drenge and Temples. as well as recognition from Radio 1, Rolling Stone and Glastonbury. Kagoule have now gained large enough a following to release their debut album ‘Urth’, Let’s check it out.

Despite the fact this band have only been together 3-4 years and are only in their late teens their sound is already very mature and polished, as if they have been playing for years. Hints of their influences can be heard throughout ‘Urth’, from The Pixies to Smashing Pumpkins to Nirvana, a very grunge like sound with some indie-rock vocal melodies and a slightly cleaner production. The guitars on ‘Urth’, rather than try to show off speed or technique, produce solos and melodies which fit perfectly within the rest of the music, portraying emotion more than anything, for instance on the song ‘Greenbeefo’. Vocals are eclectic, as mentioned incorporating an indie-rock tone at times, but then also a rough grunge style and some female screaming, overlain with an experimental use of harmony, delay and reverb effects. My person favourite songs on ‘Urth’ would have to be the aforementioned ‘Greenbeefo’ and the very popular ‘Made of Concrete’.

‘Urth’ is a very mature and polished album, which is even better for the fact it is a debut from a trio of such a young age. Kagoule obviously have a lot of talent, a keen ear for the music they are inspired by and I have no doubt that they will go on to produce even more authentic, innovative and well produced albums.


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