Review #99: Don Broco – Automatic

Artist – Don Broco
Album – Automatic (2015)

Check it out –

Don Broco are a rock band from Bedford, UK. The band consists of Rob Damiani – lead vocals/electronics, Simon Delaney – guitar, Tom Doyle – bass and Matt Donnelly – drums/vocals. Don Broco have been lucky enough to be offered numerous support slots due to the success of their first album, with bands such as Enter Shikari, Lower Than Atlantis, Four Years Strong, You Me at Six and Billy Talent. As a youngish band they currently have just two albums released, including the debut ‘Priorities’ and their most recent effort the album ‘Automatic’.

Don Broco and their new album ‘Automatic’ follow in the same vein as a few heavy-ish but preppy bands around at the minute, such as Lower Than Atlantis and Young Guns, the type that have a few heavy riffs, but still dress in that Topman style and have a more accessible sound. The song ‘Money Power Fame’ was released as a music video quite a while before the release of this album, it had some cool riffs, a heavy sound, odd timings and a catchy chorus, therefore i was looking forward to the release of this album, hoping for more of the same. I think ‘Money Power Fame’ was definitely a stand out, no other song seems to be in the same style and have the single power as this tracks, however the rest of the album is still okay. The song ‘Further’ for instance has a large rock ballad thing going on, developed by the vocals and backing vocals and their lift in scale (volume as well as range) as the song goes on. The rest of the album is kind of hit and miss, some songs are instantly forgettable, songs that wouldn’t make you think “That’s Don Broco” if you’d heard them out and about, but would leave you guessing between the aforementioned Young Guns, LTA or Mallory Knox.

Automatic I think is just … okay, if I had to sum it into one word. I never thought “oh thats bad” when listening to it, it’s just that each song passed and passed until we got to ‘Money Power Fame’, i sparked up, then the rest of the songs passed and passed and then it was done.


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