Review #97: Amber Run – 5AM

Artist – Amber Run
Album – 5AM (2015)

Check it out –

Amber Run are an indie rock band from Nottingham, UK. The band consists of members Joe Keogh, Will Jones, Tom Sperring, Felix Archer and Henry Wyeth. Amber Run met whilst studying at The University of Nottingham, Leaving after 2 years to focus on the band. Amber run began simply as Amber, however after realising there was a German pop artist with the same name they quickly changed to avoid any confusion or confrontation. Currently the band have 3 E.P’s released ‘Pilot’, ‘Spark’ and ‘Noah’, This is their debut album ‘5AM’.

From the get go 5AM sounds very familiar and memorable … well to anyone thats been following Amber Run, mainly because they’ve incorporated the most popular tracks of their previous E.Ps and already released singles into one album, obviously filling the gaps with some new hits. Musically they should be a band that bore me, having that same indie rock sound with a hint of folk that so many bands have nowadays. The difference is that they have truly catchy songs, from ‘Noah’ to ‘I Found’ to ‘Spark’, there was a reason this album felt so familiar and it was because those intros, lyrics, melodies and choruses had stuck with me. The stand out features of this album have to be the choir like harmonies the vocals and backing vocals create during the quieter parts of songs such as ‘I Found’. The other interesting feature has to be the drumming, implementing complex patterns and fast marching style beats with an expert control of dynamics to really create impactful moments within each song. My favourite songs have to be the previous single ‘Noah’ and Pilot E.P track ‘I Found’.

Another fantastic release from Nottingham as of late, following the stylistic elements of many an indie rock outfit, but using them to create very memorable songs.


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