Review #96: Meek Mill – Dreams Worth More Than Money

Artist – Meek Mill
Album – Dreams Worth More Than Money (2015)

Check it out –

Meek Mill is a rapper/hip hop artist from Philadelphia, USA. Mill’s career in music started with the formation of ‘The Bloodhoundz’, a rap group with three of his close friends, releasing 4 mixtapes up until their departure. Initially signing with T.I’s label ‘Grand Hustle’ in 2011, Mill then left for Rick Ross’ label ‘Mayback Music Group’, until of recently forming his own label ‘Dream Chasers Records’. As a young artist Meek Mill currently has a smallish discography, consisting of his debut album ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ and the most recent release ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’ … Meek seems to like the word dreams.

‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’ begins with a sample from Mozart’s Lacrimosa on the track ‘Lord Knows’, sounding very epic and surprisingly fitting with Meek’s delivery. The album goes on to include a range of well known names, from Nicki Minaj to Diddy to Drake, more in the vein to add further star quality and boost sales rather than bring out any interesting performances, as really everyone (other than Rick Ross) seems flat and dry. In general Meek’s lyrics play around with the stereotypical rap topics (money, cars, women, crime), however it is done well, the rhymes are tight, the trap style beats fit with his groove/flow and the album feels more sincere than cheesy. There’s a nice mixture between the extremely passionate delivery on songs such as ‘Lord Knows’ and ‘Ambitionz’ and the chart topping hits like ‘All Eyes On You’, featuring his recent missus Minaj and the always average Chris Brown. The real standout performance of this album surprisingly comes from Meek Mill himself, it’s aggressive and sincere, not needing of all the flashing guest performances.

‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’ isn’t in the league of great albums we received from Kendrick’s, Action Bronson’s, Public Enemy’s or Flying Lotus’ latest releases. However it is a unexpected surprise after some lacklustre previous releases. Hopefully Meek Mill recovers from this bland beef he has going with fellow “rapper” Drake and ups his game again with the next album.


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