Review #84: Everything Everything – Get To Heaven

Artist – Everything Everything
Album – Get To Heaven (2015)

Check it out –

Everything Everything are an art-rock band from Manchester, UK. The band consists of four members, Jonathan Higgs – vocals/guitar/keys, Jeremy Pritchard – bass/keys, Michael Spearman – drums and Alex Robertshaw – lead guitar/keys. Everything Everything gained success from the beginning of their band with nominations for BBC’s Sound of 2010 and the Mercury Prize in 2011. The band currently have 3 albums in their discography, 2010s ‘Man Alive, 2013s ‘Arc’ and they now add to that with ‘Get To Heaven’.

‘Get To Heaven’ is an eclectic album which dabbles in a range of genres with a range of instrumentation, going from electronic to indie to pop. instrumentation wise the basis is that of a typical indie band, bass, drums, guitar and vocals, but the band include a diverse mixture of synths, depending on the mood of the songs they come in a trance style, dnb style and often more gritty sounds to relate to the indie band mentality. There are a few catchy/memorable riffs, in the intro song ‘To The Blades’ and the track ‘Blast doors’ for instance, however the rest of the album has more of an open/spaced out sound. Rather than creating memorable choruses/riffs the band have aimed to create interesting well crafted pieces of music, for instance the song ‘Fortune 500’. Lead singer Jonathan Higgs vocals are on point throughout the entire album, lending themselves perfectly to the open sound of each track, especially whilst singing falsetto, but also lending itself well to the more straight indie rock sounds, as Higgs vocal adapts well.

This album is excellently written, excellently produced and contains captivating diversity in its genres, writing style and dynamic range. There contains the catchy-ness for the general listener, the songs that grow in instrumentation/dynamics and the ones that repeat (lyrically) to hypnotise the audience. Overall this is a great album. plus i love the artwork.


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