Review #83: Rolo Tomassi – Grievances

Artist – Rolo
Tomassi Album – Grievances

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Rolo Tomassi are a Mathcore band from Sheffield, UK. The band consists of Eva Spence – vocals, James Spence – vocals/synth, Chris Cayford – guitar, Nathan Fairweather – bass and Tom Pitts – drums. Rolo Tomassi are very much a D.I.Y band, creating a strong following before any record label signings and getting to the point in which they could create their own label ‘Destination Moon’, releasing their own and fellow musicians music. The band already have a strong discography behind them with three albums, one compilation of rarities and a string of demos/E.P’s, but now add to that with their latest effort ‘Grievances’.

‘Grievances’ takes everything from the bands last 3 albums and turns it up to 11 (as Nigel Tufnel would say). Right from the get go with the intro song ‘Estranged’ there’s an intensity and aggression which meets that of bands like Converge and shows that Rolo Tomassi haven’t slowed/calmed down as many had complained. It isn’t all screaming and fast guitars however, as an interesting break at the beginning and between songs their are a number of orchestral (strings mainly) and piano pieces which build atmosphere and brings an overall dramatic mood to the album, rather than just a collection of Mathcore songs. Eva Spence’s vocals are phenomenal throughout ‘Grievances’, from the angelic soft singing during the calmer parts to the truly unique screams and growl her and James produce, the sight and sound of what comes from Eva really knocks first time Rolo Tomassi listeners back. The rest of the band are on point, super tight rhythm section offering odd time signatures and rhythms, and the guitars offer interesting haunting melodies mixed with face melting riffs. My personal favourites have to be the opening track ‘Estranged’ and the song ‘The Embers’.

‘Grievances’ is a further progression in Rolo Tomassi’s already brilliant discography, hopefully bringing with it the further positive recognition they deserve. For a fairly young band from Sheffield (not too far away from myself) they are an inspiration in the way they’ve created this band and compete with the many veterans in the metal/mathcore/prog etc scene.


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