Review #80: (Classic Album) B.B.King – Live at the Regal

Artist – B.B.King
Album – Live at the Regal

Check it out –

B.B.King is a blues guitarist/singer from Mississippi, USA. B.B.King is probably best known as the inspiration for every blues, rock and soul guitarist around today. His key traits were those smooth bends and indistinguishable vibrato, of which as soon as you heard it you knew who it was coming from. B.B also throughout his career rightfully earned numerous titles, such as being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame, being named number 6 in Rolling Stones Greatest Guitarists of all Time list and being named by all as the king of the blues.

‘Live at the Regal’ is undoubtedly B.B.Kings most well known album. The great thing about this album is that its actually a live one (as the name suggests), displaying what makes this genre and B.B.King great, the live performance, similar to James Brown best album ‘Live at the Apollo’. This album for any blues player is a masterclass in the genre, showcasing how to play with emotion, timing, projection and how to get a crowd going. As well as B.B.Kings incredible guitar playing throughout the album, one of the real stand out factors is his vocals, just so loud, rough and tough, they almost knock you off the back of your seat. The songs featured in this performance, such as ‘Everyday I Have the Blues’, whether covers or not, have now become staples for any blues player, being covered by everyone from John Mayer to Eric Clapton because of their impact and general importance. Although B.B is the stand out feature on this album his fellow musicians require a large amount of praise, from the extremely tight but groove ridden rhythm section to the fantastic and soulful brass melodies/solos performed throughout.

‘Live a the Regal’ is one of the most crucial live albums and blues album for any aspiring musician and guitarist in particular. This album displays in full why B.B.King has influenced so many, how he has become such an important part of most guitarists life and why he will be remembered for a very long time after his passing away this year (2015). Along with Hendrix, B.B.King was and will always be the most influential guitarist for me and i will forever recommend this album.

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