Review #79: Young Guns – Ones and Zeros

Artist – Young Guns
Album – Ones and Zeros (2015)

Check it out –

Young Guns are an alternative rock band from London, UK. The band currently consists of Gustav Wood – vocals, John Taylor – guitar, Fraser Taylor – guitar, Simon Mitchell – bass and Ben Jolliffe – drums. Young Guns currently have two albums out, ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’ (2010) and ‘Bones’ (2012). From the success of these albums the band have had the opportunity to play Wembley Arena with BMTH and be part of the Kerrang Tour earlier this year, along with Don Broco and Beartooth. Young Guns now release their highly anticipated third album ‘Ones and Zeros’.

Young Guns bring with ‘Ones and Zeros’ more of the same, but with a larger feel and sound. Instrumentation is very similar to their previous work, the guitar, vocals, bass and drums, but with extra synth this time around, which can be heard from the get go with ‘Rising Up’. ‘Ones and Zeros’ seems to take inspiration from a range of bands, vocally i can’t help but think AFI throughout each song and the instrumental section clearly are taking from 30 Seconds to Mars and U2 (in terms of guitar mainly), which isn’t a bad thing, they have taken inspiration and developed it to their own style. My personal favourite track from this album is ‘Daylight’, which also looks to be the breakout single, the solo is short but effective and the repetition of daylight throughout the piece creates a memorable/catchy song for the rest of the album to tag along to. Production is pretty good as well, it isn’t anything innovative, but just generally well mixed, all instruments have their space and are put forward in the mix when needed.

Generally ‘Ones and Zeros’ is a fine album, something a little different and interesting form Young Guns … but nothing too different from the alternative rock scene. It has a range of songs and styles, from the catchy pop hits to the epic ballad types, but nothing really hard hitting, of which i was really looking for.


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