Review #78: Muse – Drones

Artist – Muse
Album – Drones (2015)

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Muse are a rock band from Devon, UK. The band formed in 1994 and consist of Matt Bellamy – vocals/piano/guitar, Christopher Wolstenholme – bassist/vocals and Dominic Howard – drums. Muse rose to fame due to the success of their initial few outstanding albums ‘Origin of Symmetry’, ‘Absolution’ and ‘Black Holes and Revelations’,  producing such hit songs as ‘Starlight’, ‘Time is Running Out’ and ‘Knights of Cydonia’. This successful career has allowed the band to headline almost every major festival from Glastonbury to Lollapalooza and afforded them the opportunity to have the first ever concert recorded in 4K ‘Live at Rome Olympic Stadium’. Muse now release their 7th album ‘Drones’.

Like many i was very apprehensive when listening to this album, for me the last two albums just didn’t do what Muse did well, they were trying new (more electronic) styles out, but it just didn’t feel authentic. Unfortunately ‘Drones’ doesn’t seem to be a shift back to the old Muse. Although the band have almost left that dubstep side of them back on ‘2nd Law’ it is more the lyrical content and context of this album that doesn’t feel authentic. With a title like ‘Drones’, the album cover it has and every so often snippets of aggressive vocals from some kind of officer in the army, there is obviously the subject of war and the military running through this album. The problem is it doesn’t feel like say a RATM album, the lyrical content isn’t as poignant and the sound overall is way to polished for the aggressive tone an album of this topic has to be. There were moments, such as the crazy guitar solo in ‘Reapers’, that I enjoyed, but these were very few and far between.

From the first single release of ‘Psycho’ i kind of knew how this album was going to end up, and it didn’t disappoint … in that way. As mentioned, I was hoping for a revival of the brilliance that was ‘Origin of Symmetry’, but instead got a diluted protest rock album.


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