Review #73: Young Fathers – White Men Are Black Men Too

Artist – Young Fathers
Album – White Men Are Black Too (2015)

Check it out –

Young Fathers are a hip-hop group from Edinburgh, Scotland. Young Fathers formed in 2008, naming themselves this due to them all having taken their fathers names. After forming the group they quickly began writing unique music for the time, building a name for themselves through larger and larger gigs. For their first album ‘Dead’ the group won the Mercury prize, gaining a boost in exposure and popularity. After the success of this first album Young Fathers now release their sophomore effort in ‘White Men Are Black Too’.

With an album title like ‘White Men Are Black Men Too’ you can’t really release a tame un-opinionated album, and that wouldn’t be in Young Fathers style anyway. With a number of tracks, such as ‘Old Rock ‘n’ Roll’, the groups lyrical content dives upon the race issues we are still facing today, probably fuelled by the recent police brutality in america. However they make the point that we cannot blame an entire other race for a few bigoted people, showing an educated view. As with each Young Fathers album the stylistics seem to have changed quite drastically, we are missing the straight out hip-hop elements of the previous release and seem to explore more experimental elements and odd/interesting beats, such as on the song ‘Get Started’. Personal favourites of mine would have to be the already mentioned track ‘Old Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and ‘Shame’.

I personally preferred the style of previous Young Fathers albums to this one, but that may just be a personal preference. The album itself is a reasonably innovative/creative piece of work, developing and stretching Young Fathers already eclectic discography, adding more depth in terms of lyrical content and the message the group are trying to deliver


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