Review #72: The new Regime – Exhibit B

Artist – The New Regime
Album – Exhibit B (2015)

Check it out –

The New Regime is a solo project created by multi-instrumentalist Ilan Rubin. Although Ilan plays numerous instruments he is primarily known for his drumming, performing with such large live bands as Paramore, NIN, Angels and Airwaves and Lostprophets. Slightly after joining Lost Prophets Ilan decided to form his own solo prophet The New Regime, releasing his first album ‘Coup’ in 2008 whilst touring with NIN (which shows heavy influences in the music). The New Regime released ‘Exhibit A’ in 2013 and now follow that up the latest 8 song release ‘Exhibit B’.

Throughout my first few listen throughs of this album i slowly forgot it was a solo effort by IIan. This deserves the respect of the listener, to create such a diverse (in tone and genre) and fresh sounding set of songs/album mainly by himself. The fact that IIan has had most of his experience in drumming is apparent on ‘Exhibit B’, the drums stand out and are possibly the most unique sounding as we move on song by song, changing in tone and from acoustic to electric. Some elements of bands IIan has played with/continues to play with show up now and again, for instance the programmed drums in ‘Strong-Arm Tomorrow’ and ‘We Rise, We Fall’ show resemblances to NIN’s work (in the best way possible). I particularly enjoyed the more heavy songs, such as ‘Mannequin’ due to it’s Black Keys/Deap Valley style distorted rock blues riff, but the dynamic build and chilled electronic drums in the intro track ‘Where I’ve Headed All Along’ were also a highlight.

Exhibit B is a brilliant solo effort by IIan Rubin (The New Regime) and displays his vast talents in songwriting and multi-instrumental performance. The album is very diverse, but has a flow of similar vocal tone/melodies that keep it together as a whole piece of music.


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