Review #69: Death Cab For Cutie – Kintsugi

Artist – Death Cab For Cutie
Album – Kintsugi (2015)

Check it out –

Death Cab For Cutie are an alternative rock band from Washington, USA. The band started in 1997 as a solo project by singer/guitarist Ben Gibbard. Shortly after Ben decided to expand the project into a full band, bringing aboard Nick Harmer – bass, Jason McGerr – drums and Chris Walla – guitar (whom has recently left the band). DCfC have gone through a number of different musical changes over the years, continuously being described differently by different magazines, Emo one minute, indie rock the next and then alternative rock, all stemming from the change in mood and instrumentation from album to album. Death Cab now release their 8th record ‘Kintsugi’.

Death Cab for Cutie have never really been on my radar and i haven’t been that much of a fan of their music to be honest. However this album has shifted my attitude slightly. Kintsugi is a very emotive and diverse album. By this I don’t mean the band play reggae one second and thrash metal the next, they do however include soft passionate ballads in the form of ‘You’ve Haunted Me All My Life’ and then slightly shift to the more upbeat indie style songs with ‘(Good Help) Is So Hard To Find’. Instrumentation throughout is very rock orientated, pretty much the same as their previous work, bass, drums, vocals and guitar, except at times (such as the song ‘Everything’s A Ceiling’) the band include some 80s style synth and programmed drums, reminding me of the Drive soundtrack (which was brilliant).

Kintsugi was a surprise for me personally, not being a massive fan before, but maybe this was simply another great album for DCfC fans. The range in emotion from each track stands out and i think each song is well crafted.


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