Review #68: The Go! Team – The Scene Between

Artist – The Go! Team
Album – The Scene Between (2015

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The Go! Team are a six piece indie rock outfit from Brighton, UK. The Go! Team have a slightly different and more eclectic sound from most UK indie bands at the minute, which comes from their use of samples. From Bollywood soundtracks to school yard chants to old school hip-hop beats this band include anything that they feel brings interest and innovation to the rest of their songs. The Go! Team currently have four LPs to their name, ‘Thunder, Lightning, Strike’, ‘Proof of Youth’, ‘Rolling Blackouts’ and their latest ‘The Scene Between’.

The Scene Between is an odd album … but in the best possible way. Throughout we get samples from Japanese animated shows, school children chanting and other obscure sounds, which is all mixed with uplifting/happy music. It is very refreshing to listen to bright/happy sounding songs, when every band seems to delve more into the dark and moody side of music nowadays. Instrumentations is very eclectic throughout, containing drums, bass, guitar and vocals as a base, but also using as mentioned a number of samples, numerous percussion instruments and orchestral elements (strings, brass). This album, along with the bands other work, feels very new and innovative, which i really haven’t been able to say about a lot of reviews lately. My favourite tracks off of this album would have to be ‘Waking the Jetstream’ for that happy tone mentioned previously and ‘Blowtorch’ for the slightly rockier elements it brings to the album .

The Scene Between is a great album, full of bouncy, summer songs that should put a smile on any listeners face. The songwriting style, instrumentation and use of samples adds something new and interesting to a genre that has become stale with recent artists contributions.


One thought on “Review #68: The Go! Team – The Scene Between

  1. The mention of ‘Bollywood tracks’ meant that I had to check them out. I loved them. Thanks!

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