Review #67: Death Grips – The Powers That B

Artist – Death Grips
Album – The Powers That B (2015)

Check it out –

Death Grips are an experimental rap duo from California, USA. Death Grips are well known for misleading and confusing their fans, whether it be through odd social network statuses or announcing their split, to still rehearse and release material, which is why this album is so surprising. The groups talent and experimentation within their music/albums has led to critical acclaim, gaining them the 9th spot in Pitchforks ‘Best albums of 2012’ for The Money Store and the 43rd spot in Spin’s ‘Best 50 albums of 2013’ for Government Plates. Now (surprisingly) Death Grips release their 6th album ‘The Powers That B’.

Death Grips have become one of the most critically acclaim rap acts around at the minute, therefore this album would have had a lot of expectation behind it … if anyone knew it was coming out. expectedly however this album lives up to any expectation you may have had, including a diverse mixture of genres, innovative rap styles, excessive tempo and rhythm changes and a roller coaster ride of dynamic changes. Ultimately this is an aggressive album with a message to be heard, similar to their previous work. The song i feel showcases this most is the title track ‘The Powers That B’ which moulds distorted dubstep bass drops with quick wit and that angry lyrical deliver that death grips so often display. Many have stated this before me but Death Grips should be seen as equally a punk band as they are a rap group, and this album if any displays this most clearly. from the message so many punk bands spent their career delivering to the passion in which they delivered it, ‘The Powers That B’ is a punk/rap album.

‘The Powers That B’ is a another in a line of fantastic, innovative, powerful albums by Death Grips. Definitely worth a listen amongst many other fantastic rap albums being released of late … this should be at the top of the pile though.


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