Review #59: Action Bronson – Mr. Wonderful

Artist – Action Bronson
Album – Mr. Wonderful

Check it out –

Action Bronson (Arian Arslani) is a Hip-Hop artist from New York, USA. Bronson is well known for his rap style in the underground Hip-Hop scene, but he is also well known for his food, being a professional chief prior to rapping, having is own cookery show and often talking about food in his music. Bronson Moved to Atlantic Records in 2012, since then writing and recording numerous mix tapes with collaborators such as Harry Fraud. Action Bronson now finally releases his highly anticipated debut LP titled ‘Mr. Wonderful’.

Mr. Wonderful has been an album a lot have been waiting for, creating plenty of expectation, and personally i think that expectation has been met. Bronson’s beats tend to be calmer than many underground rappers, reminding me slightly more of Nas than any other artists. The beats allow him to create an interesting contrast, as his lyrics on most songs, such as ‘terry’, tend to be aggressive and provocative. In comparison to another very recently released rap album by Kendrick Lamar, there doesn’t seem to be as much of a message or flowing story throughout. The interludes and short diversions between tracks are rather build ups than the artist saying something important, as was with Kendrick’s album. Rather than the subject matter largely being about food, as has previously come from a chief/food enthusiast like Action Bronson, he uses food as a metaphor in these tracks, to not diverge to far from the real subjects he is speaking off. Stand out tracks for me would be the aforementioned ‘Terry’ and the popular ‘Baby Blue’ featuring guest artist Chance the Rapper.

Mr. Wonderful is a brilliant debut album from Action Bronson, i feel it lives up to the hype that has been building. However it just falls a little short when comparing it in innovation and subject matter to Kendrick’s new album … which probably isn’t fair to compare, but they’re both very recent to each other.


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