Review #58: Seasick Steve – Sonic Soul Surfer

Artist – Seasick Steve
Album – Sonic Soul Surfer (2015)

Check it out –

Seasick Steve is a blues musician from California, USA. Steve has been a working musician most of his life, whether it be busking around the states and Paris at one point, doing session performing for artists or engineering other bands albums, notably ‘Modest Mouse’. Seasick Steve eventually released his debut solo album ‘Dog House Music’ in 2006, which gained massive success, then performed on Jools Hollands Hootenanny, which saw his popularity explode in the UK. After a string of later albums, performances with Foo Fighters etc and slots on Leeds/Reading fest and Glastonbury fest, Seasick now releases his 6th solo album ‘Sonic Soul Surfers’.

Sonic Soul Surfer, much like its predecessors, is a mixture of foot stomping distorted blues slide tunes and slow, but rough, acoustic tracks. Seasick Steve understands the reliability of a catchy riff or chorus in popular music, deriving from the blues, Steve uses this in a few songs to create that hit single, The first that song comes to mind ‘Roy’s Gang’. This album still manages to keep the blues busker vibe of which Seasick became known, but adds in new elements to progress his style and sound. Instrumentation on a number of tracks has progressed in which there are strings in the soft ballad ‘In Peaceful Dreams’ and some type of Australian instrument in ‘Summertime Boy’ to expand his commercial range and create a bouncing feel. Production has also drastically improved over these albums. Where Seasick and the blues are known for being rough and old sounding, there is a nice youthful and up to date mix that rather than cheapens the album, gives it some thud and balls.

I think Sonic Soul Surfers is a great album, full to the brim with aggressive tones and peaceful tones, something for everyone. I would highly recommend this album.


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