Review #57: Tobias Jesso Jr – Goon

Artist – Tobias Jesso Jr
Album – Goon (2015)

Check it out –

Tobias Jesso Jr is a singer-songwriter from Canada. Initially moving to LA and playing bass for 4 years in numerous bands, Tobias then took up writing music on a new instrument (the piano). As a solo artist Tobias is relatively new, therefore hasn’t performed on many large tours or festivals yet… possibly this album will change that. This is Tobias Jesso Jr’s debut album ‘Goon’.

Throughout ‘Goon’ has a heavy Beatles/John Lennon vibe. From the simplistic but effective drum patterns to the vocal melodies and lyrics it is obvious to see Tobias is a fan of the band … as almost every musician is. Although lyrical content is similar to The Beatles early work (a strong basis on love), it is far from it in complexity and maturity. Often Tobias’ lyrics are too shallow and blatant in what they’re saying, almost sounding a little immature. Contrasting with the lyrics, the instrumentation throughout the album is excellent. To say Tobias had only just started learning/writing on piano after years of playing bass, it doesn’t really show, he has a strong understanding of melody and harmony between what he is singing and the arpeggios he is playing. The rest of the instruments are performed just as well as the piano, typically drums, bass and bits of guitar, which help diversify the album from the moody piano songs/sections. Personal favourites would have to be the very popular (on Spotify) ‘How Could You Babe’ and ‘The Wait’, because of that very ‘Here Comes The Sun’ sounding acoustic guitar section … i should probably stop relating him to The Beatles so much.

Goon is an okay album, very dry and similar to most of acoustic/piano singer-songwriter, but does it well. As mentioned there are a few too many similarities between other artists for my liking. Being highly influenced by someone isn’t a bad thing, but you need to take that and develop it into your own thing.


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