Review #55 : Code I – The Ending That We Dream Of

Artist – Code I
Album – The Ending That We Dream Of (2015)

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Code I (Alexander Wilkinson) is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Nottingham, UK. Wilkinson has a passion for songwriting and composing, being credited as writing music for a number of diverse mediums (documentary, horror, animation) and having his original music played on various podcasts and radio shows. Code I cites a number of different genre that influence his music, hardcore melodic metal and 90s hip-hop, but for his debut album he looked at bands such as ‘Volumes’, ‘God Is An Astronaut’ and ‘Being As An Ocean’. So here it is ‘The Ending That We Dream Of’.

From the outset ‘The Ending That We Dream Of’ is an epic scaled mixture of calm atmospheric moments and floor shaking metal riffs/melodies/beats. The atmospheric moments create a large dynamic range throughout the album, settling the listener at times and then building the adrenaline in preparation for the more melodic metal sections. Code I shows off his songwriting abilities and knowledge of theory through the orchestration of a number of instruments, from synths to bass, piano to guitar, drums to everyday sounds (waves, wind), all experimented on effects wise with delays and the reversing of audio. These aforementioned atmospheric parts flow well into the melodic metal sections, diversifying the album and giving it an ‘Animals As Leader’ style, but slightly more accessible and less extreme. The metal sections are very well played, all instruments are tight, which is an important requirement in the synced rhythmic patterns this genre requires. Production is great, the snare in particular really stands out along with a range of interesting guitar tones and a beautiful piano recording in ‘Somewhere Inbetween’.

It would be worth mentioning now that this album was recorded as part of a university assignment for Code I. I myself had to do the exact same project at the same establishment last year and therefore know the amount of work and effort that has gone into this album. All recording, performing, writing, mixing, mastering, promotion etc has had to be done by this one artist, and the fact that Code I has created an album to this quality, with such short amounts of time to record, has to be appreciated.
Two stand out songs for me would be ‘Somewhere Inbetween’ and the final track ‘… And Then I Was Found’.


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