Review #52: Cancer Bats – Searching For Zero

Artist – Cancer Bats
Album – Searching For Zero (2015)

Check it out –

Cancer Bats are a Hardcore-Punk band from Toronto, Canada. Influenced by bands such as Black Flag and Refused, Liam, Scott, Mike and Jaye decided to form their own brand of aggression, in the form of Cancer Bats. Cancer Bats have become an extremely popular small club/academy type of band, touring with artists such as Billy Talent, Comeback Kid, The Bronx and Rise Against. Interestingly, whilst not touring as Cancer Bats, the band also perform as a Black Sabbath cover band, Bat Sabbath, displaying their influences further. Cancer Bats progress their discography with the latest release ‘Searching For Zero’.

As with all Cancer Bats albums, their passion, aggression and anger really makes itself clear in this new effort. As well as the emotion, Cancer Bats are a band that understands groove and the need for catchy riffs/lyrics, incorporating this into almost all the songs of ‘Searching For Zero’, rather than forgettable chugging and screaming for 40 minutes. There isn’t necessarily anything innovative or different on this album to the bands previous, which could possibly make the bands music a little stale … but in this case i think the songs are the bands style, and if they progressed too far from this then it would diminish what makes them special. A couple stand out tracks for me would be ‘Beelzebub’ for its slightly slower pace than the rest of the track listing and the seemingly most popular ‘Satellites’, simply for its power and energy.

Another fast paced, aggressive album by Cancer Bats, more material for them to do what they do best with … perform live. Every song Cancer bats records seems not to be recorded for home listening, but as a hook for you to come hear it properly, in the small clubs. Really great album, usual stuff, but done well.


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