Review #49: The Unthanks – Mount the Air

Artist – The Unthanks
Album – Mount The Air (2015)

Check it out –

The Unthanks are a folk outfit from the UK. The Unthanks formed in 2004 under a different name ‘Rachel Unthank & The Winterset’, by sisters Rachel and Beck Unthank. In 2009 the sisters decided to rename the band and introduce new members Adrian McNally – Pianist, Niopha Keegan – Fiddler and Chris Price – Guitarist. The band gained popularity in the UK after the critical acclaim of their first two albums. They’ve gone on to gain 4 and 5 star reviews from British press on all their albums and now introduce their 8th full album ‘Mount the Air’.

Mount the Air is a beautiful album, full of authentic folk influenced tracks and a rich tone to the vocals and instrumentation. Where as many artists try to do the folk thing and fail, sounding too fake or stereotypical of the genre, The Unthanks hit the nail on the head. The vocals independently and harmony wise flow excellently, at times not resolving as you would expect, but still sounding right. Instrumentation is traditional to the genre, featuring keys, vocals, strings, brass, guitar, drums and a number of other percussive instruments, giving the album a range of counter melodies and tones which compliment each other well. Personal favourites of mine would have to be ‘Died for Love’, which creates a genuine sense of sorrow and emotion, and the title track ‘Mount the Air’, which (as an instrumental piece) really prepares the listen for the whole album, throwing in the wide array of instruments.

As mentioned Mount the Air is a beautiful collection of songs, easy to listen to and all melting into one authentic sounding piece of music. Certainly worth a listen to for an avid folk fan.


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