Review #48: Kodaline – Coming Up for Air

Artist – Kodaline
Album – Coming Up for Air (2015)

Check it out –

Kodaline are a rock band from Dublin, Ireland. The band are currently made up of 4 members; Steve Garrigan – lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Vinny May – drums, Jason Boland – bass and Mark Prendergast – lead guitar and backing vocals. Kodaline have grown recognition through a number of means; writing songs for film (The Fault in Our Stars), covering a Paul McCartney song ‘Coming Up’ and becoming a favourite of Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton. Kodaline now release their second full album ‘Coming Up for Air’.

First off … Coldplay … that is all. I understand that every single artist nowadays is influenced and sounds like other artists, but it is possible to sound too similar. From lead singer Steve Garrigan’s tone and falsetto use to the delay/reverb covered guitar melodies, Kodaline’s new album just shouts Coldplay. Lyrically the album isn’t fantastic, riddled with typical cheesy cliches. Just listen to the song ‘Autopilot’ and you’ll notice every line is a singer-songwriter cliche. On the positive side however ‘Coming Up for Air’ does have an uplifting feel to it and a large epic sound at times which draws you in. The guitar melodies, however much a simple copy of Coldplay, are harmonically well crafted and fit well within the song their in. Garrigan’s voice is also pretty good to be fair, as is Chris Martins (Coldplay), however much people like to criticise him. Garrigan doesn’t over use his falsetto vocals to the point where its distracting, but at points in which the songs lifts to a higher place (dynamically).

Coming Up for Air isn’t anything to rave about (which many have), its just … blah. Musically everything is tight, but nothing means anything in the album. The lyrics mean nothing and theres no passion or aggression in the songs.


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