Review #47: Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor

Artist – Marilyn Manson
Album – The Pale Emperor (2015)

Check it out –

Marilyn Manson is an Alt-Metal artist from Ohio, USA. Manson is known for his controversial behaviour as much as his music. From disturbingly creative music videos to being blamed for school shooting, Manson has had to deal with a lot over his career. Because of this eclectic career Manson has had numerous opportunities, whether it be working with Trent Reznor, to featuring in TV (Sons of Anarchy) and game (Area 51), to performing every major festival you could name (Download, Leeds/Reading, Sonisphere). Marilyn Manson now releases his newest album ‘The Pale Emperor’.

The Pale Emperor is a slight improvement on the last few Manson albums. Manson seemed to begin his career putting out controversial (in the best way) album after album (the first 3), but then went stale and seemed to write standard mental with no punch. The key factor that helped me enjoy this album slightly more than previous ones was the depth and emotion in Manson’s voice. The dynamic range of this vocal performance is interesting, from the haunting but powerful whispers to the throat shattering shouting, really connects the listen to the lyrics. Instrumentation is very typical of Manson, simple but pounding drums, heavy head banging riffs (interestingly at times incorporating blues) and an extremely overdrive bass to add that grunge/industrial metal tone. Particular songs that interested me were ‘Warship My Wreck’ for its build up of sound and the wide epic feel, and ‘Deep Six’ simply for it’s cool riffs that remind us of Manson’s best work.

This album isn’t ground breaking in anyway. It doesn’t push the boundaries of what society deems acceptable in their music like Manson first albums. However it features some catchy riffs, powerful vocal performances and interesting song choices.


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