Review #45: Joey Bada$$ – B4.DA.$$

Artist – Joey Bada$$
Album – B4.DA.$$ (2015)

Check it out –

Joey Bada$$ is a hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, USA. Like many hip-hop artists Joey is part of a group, this one in particular being Pro-Era. Joey gained his musical career through social media, like many artists these days. In particular Joey began uploading freestyle videos to YouTube, in which he was shortly discovered and contacted through Twitter to be signed. This led to a number of opportunities of performances and collaborations with artists such as ASAP Rocky, Mac Miller and Whiz Khalifa. Bada$$ now releases the album B4.DA.$$.

Joey Bada$$ seems to have a real passion for his music and the art, being a very old school style rapper, focusing on the lyrics and what they mean. B4.DA.$$ runs through a few different subjects, specifically focusing on Joeys rise in fame and the ups/downs of this. Joey has been very tight with his features on this album, which is a pleasant surprise, as too many ‘rappers’ tend to bring in guests simply to promote their album nowadays. A couple notable guest appearances on this album are the surprising spot by Maverick Sabre and the underground talent that is Action Bronson. Joeys talent as a lyricist and rapper are certainly on show here, his flow reminds the listener of the 90s rappers that he obviously is inspired by (specifically Snoop, Dre, Nas). A few stand out tracks for me would be ‘Piece of Mind’, ‘Christ Conscious’ and ‘Paper Trail$’.

B4.DA.$$ is a great hip-hop album from a new hip-hop artist. It is a breath of fresh air when amongst the avalanche of less that mediocre verses the likes of Iggy, Nicki and Drake are putting out, as well as a reminder of the songs/albums/artists that started this style off. Certainly worth a listen.


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