Review #44: Indiana – No Romeo

Artist – Indiana
Album – No Romeo (2015)

Check it out –

Indiana is from Nottingham, UK. I knew this without any previous research as i’m from that general area, Indiana is a local girl, so i’ll try stay as un-biased as possible. Indiana writes straightforward electronic based singer-songwriter tracks. She’s become one of the key figures of the Notts music scene in recent years, along with Dog Is Dead, Saint Raymond and Jake Bugg. After playing Nottingham’s ‘Splendour’ festival numerous times and being 1 of only 4 Nottingham acts to sell out local venue ‘Rescue Rooms’, Indiana now sees it a fit time to release her debut album No Romeo.

From ‘No Romeo’ as a whole I felt an open but haunting vibe. This haunting sound comes specifically from Indiana’s vocals, which at times help the listener truly feel the depth of emotion in each performance. To add to this dark tone comes the synths and programmed drums. The drums have been heavily edited throughout, specifically using a lot of reverb to create a large open sound. The synths in general have a low distorted sound, relying heavily on minor sounding chords and scales to create that dark tone. The album as a whole doesn’t initially remind me of any other artist in particular (maybe Lorde at a push). This is a great thing as it displays Indiana’s unique style and creativity in her songwriting/producing. A couple stand out tracks that you should try out are ‘Solo Dancing’ and ‘Heart On Fire’, both showcasing that haunting sound, but also representative of Indiana’s powerful vocal and lyric writing ability.

‘No Romeo’ is a well crafted, original collection of songs. It relies heavily on a particular sound and doesn’t drift away from that too often. However this isn’t necessarily bad, Indiana has found a unique sound and has stuck too it.


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