Review #43: Jape – This Chemical Sea

Artist – Jape
Album – This Chemical Sea (2015)

Check it out –

Jape was formed as a solo project for The Redneck Manifesto’s bass player Richie Egan. Dissimilar to his previous band ‘TRM’ Jape focuses on electronic/alternative rock. The bands current most notable features are probably supporting The Flaming Lips in 2008 and playing such festivals/events as Glastonbury and Electric Picnic. Jape currently have four full albums out, boosting that to five with their newest ‘This Chemical Sea’.

This Chemical Sea is a perfectly enjoyable album, easy to listen to and one of those album you can chill out to whilst listening. Vocals change slightly from song to song, at one minute i was getting a Hot Chip vibe, then the next a Stone Roses, which is different and interesting. The synths are mostly smooth on the ear, nothing too harsh or distorted, every so often playing, not catchy, but well crafted melodies which harmonise well with the rest of the band. The album as an overall piece works well, it isn’t too eclectic in its tones, but its not too similar either, everything has its place and creates a sense of progression. Production is perfectly fine, levels seem to be placed well giving every instrument/section its space and time.

Overall This Chemical Sea is a well crafted album. Its not complicated in a way that makes you think and doesn’t feature heavy, fast or bouncy tracks that keep you alert, it simply creates a peaceful mood, that as mentioned, chills you out. Vocals are very hit or miss for me, sounding very similar to other key vocalists with no independence. there’s also nothing much in terms of innovation/difference from other electro/alt-rock. But overall it’s fine.


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