Review #41: Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep

Artist – Enter Shikari
Album – The Mindsweep (2015)

Check it out –

Enter Shikari are a four piece rock/electronic band from Hertfordshire, UK. Shikari were one amongst many artist that rose to popularity with the help of social media (along with Lily Allen, Arctic Monkeys). The band have a very spirited fan base, initially following for the aggressive mix of rock and electronic, but staying for the activism and messages they portray in their lyrics. After a string of successful albums ‘Take To The Skies’, ‘Common Dreads’ and ‘A Flash Flood Of Colours’, Enter Shikari now release their fourth album ‘The Mindsweep’. My first impression of this album was that it was a return to the heavy, aggressive sound Shikari have deliverd previous to their last album. ‘A Flash Flood …’ was an enjoyable side track in innovation for the band, but these circle pit inducing tracks are certainly were Shikari thrive. Lyrically, singer Rou Reynolds is still writing along the subjects of politics, ethics and throwing a few philosophers in there to add credibility. This always feels refreshing to me, in a time when no one is writing protest music. Instrumentation has delved slightly further into the rockier side of Shikari, bass, guitars, drums, but still keeping their signature sound through an array of synths. The synths on this particular album only tend to add deep drones (for the intros) or heavy dubstep-ish drops (in the break downs), rather than anything experimental. i really enjoyed Enter Shikari’s return to aggression and anger (genre/style wise, they’ve always had it lyrically). I’m sure they will go on to do something interesting and experimental with the next album, so it is nice to simply have something to mosh too. 7/10

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