Review #40: (Classic Album) Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

Artist – Arctic Monkeys
Album – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

Check it out –

Arctic Monkeys are a rock/indie band from Sheffield, UK. Arctic Monkeys began their career during the rise of social media and became one of the first artists to build a large fan base over Myspace. Because of this, labels were clambering over each other to sign the band. Since then the band have released five albums, each different from the last, headlined Leeds/Reading, T in the Park, Glastonbury festival etc and played at the London olympics. ‘Whatever People Say I Am …’ is arguably Arctic Monkeys best album and one of the best debut album to have been written (as stated in rolling stones, NME etc).

‘Whatever People Say I Am’ did in a way what The Streets did in ‘Original Pirate Material’ four years previous. They create an album which spoke to the average young Brit, focusing on clubbing, relationships and drugs, but not in a boastful way, just the truth. Along with the excellent lyrical ability of Alex Turner came incredible instrumental performances, specifically on bass and drums. Arctic Monkeys are one of those bands (along with muse, RHCP etc) that include bass lines just as catchy and fun to play as the guitar riffs, which is thanks to bassist Andy Nicholson. Then there comes the powerhouse drummer Matt Helders, who’s performance in specifically ‘The View From The Afternoon’ cement how crucial his role is in the band. As a guitarist myself this was the second album I learnt to play in full, after ‘Nevermind’ Nirvana. This explains easily by itself what I think of the guitar work on this album, but if it doesn’t … i think it’s fantastic. Arctic Monkeys brought back the guitar solo, in a time when bands had scrapped it for being too obnoxious. The riff is the key component in any rock song (along with the chorus) that catches the listeners ear, and Alex Turner has this perfected … just listen to ‘I Bet That You Look Good …’ or ‘When The Sun Goes Down’.

‘Whatever People Say …” is a fantastic piece of work, especially for a debut album. It makes the band even more impressive that they weren’t bogged down by such acclaim in their first attempt, but went on to create excellent album after excellent album there after, innovating and changing their sound every time. Have a listen if you are still yet too.

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