Review #39: Parker Millsap – Parker Millsap

Artist – Parker Millsap
Album – Parker Millsap

Check it out –

Parker Millsap is a folk singer-songwriter from Oklahoma, USA. Millsap has become known for his deep character based lyrics, soulful vocals and his ability to captivate any audience he plays to. Most recently Millsap won the AMA’s ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’ award and gained praise from major outlets such as USA Today, American Songwriter and The Wall Street Journal. Parker has now reached the point in which he’s ready to put out his first full album ‘Parker Millsap’.

Folk and blues tend to be the type of genres that attract personal troubles and hardship, therefore when a young, smartly dressed person attempt to play and sing these styles it can often come across as disingenuous. This isn’t the case when listening to ‘Parker Millsap’. Although he does hit upon the main topics of these genres (love, money) there seems to be that sincerity behind it which we require as listeners. To also help us appreciate a young lad playing the blues/folk comes his brilliantly crafted arrangements and instrumentation. There is the typical acoustic, vocals, drums and bass, but every so often there will come in a short harmonica or violin melody, which isn’t played excessively to show off, but is played in a way which simply complements and brings a different tone to its song. As mentioned in many articles written about Parker Millsap, his voice is his stand out feature. Along with artists such as Jake Bugg and George Ezra, Parkers voice seems to come from a man much older and wiser than himself, displaying a smooth soulful tone and a grizzled earthly growl when required.

If you require an album/artist to listen to that may have the stylings of Jake Bugg/George Ezra (in terms of voice), but one that writes slightly deeper songs, then undoubtably listen to this album.


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