Review #38: Young Tongue – Death Rattle

Artist – Young Tongue
Album –  Death Rattle (2014)

Check it out –

Young Tongue are a progressive indie band from America. The band played together and recorded 6 years previous to becoming ‘Young Tongue’ under the name ‘The Baker Family’. Young Tongue cite themselves as being an interesting and ‘mysterious’ live band, mainly based on their quirky lead singer, stiff as a lamp post at times and then explodes into fits of aggression and passion (depending on the songs). Straight after changing the bands name they released a single and their first album ‘Death Rattle’.

Death Rattle contains an array of contrasting styles, the typical rock indie tracks, acoustic up-beat and down-beat songs, and slightly more rhythmic based tracks (taking on a dance feel). Although the whole album is contrasting, is well recorded and performed and has some enjoyable songs, I can’t help but feel bored. Death Rattle just sounds too much like so many other bands around at the minute (Peace, Of Monsters & Men, TDCC), but not doing anything interesting enough to differentiate from these bands. I found it very hard to pick a particular stand out track from this album, as they all sounded extremely similar, containing a simple guitar melody intro, complex/quick drum beats throughout and slow/sad sounding vocals & backing vocals. It may sound like i’m bashing this album, but really it is okay, okay being the key word. Although (as mentioned) everything is recorded, played, written fine on ‘Death Rattle’, there’s nothing exciting about it or innovative to make the listener think ‘This is worth my hard earned money, i’ll go buy this instead of the new Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters or Royal Blood album”.

Have a listen to this album, it may be something you like and casually have on in the background once tired of listening to the vast amount of interesting Indie bands around at the minute.


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