Review #36: Knife Party – Abandon Ship

Artist – Knife Party
Album – Abandon Ship (2014)

Check it out –

Knife Party formed in 2011 as a side project of Pendulum members Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. Knife Party began their rise to notoriety by releasing the extremely popular first E.P ‘100% No Modern Talking’ and collaboration remix’s with Swedish House Mafia. Since then the group have slowly released one off singles and appeared at numerous festivals, whilst also performing Pendulum DJ sets. Knife party now release their highly anticipated debut L.P ‘Abandon Ship’.

Abandon Ship is a concoction of many different electronic elements that Knife party must love. The album drifts between the hard hitting Dubstep tracks Knife Party have become known for and EDM style songs. Knife Party have previously stated their dislike for the sudden rise in sub-par EDM artists, so rather than slate these artists the band have written a few EDM tracks in a more creative fashion, detracting from the over used ‘Ping-pong’ synth melodies. The two tracks that stood out to me were ‘Boss Mode’ and ‘Begin Again’ for two contrasting reasons. Boss Mode is the song that most Knife Party fans will expect, the heavy dubstep bass with some interesting/different synth melody sounds. Begin Again on the other hand is the ‘catchy’ track most albums need, feeling more uplifting and club friendly than the rest of the album. Production is excellent, as expected by two of the biggest names in electronic music at the minute, including the stomach shaking bass and non typical instruments/synth sounds we expect from this group.

This is definitely an interesting album worth a listen and a purchase. Knife Party have stepped their game up for their first full album, giving their fans a well rounded and creative compilation of electronic hits.


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