Review #35: Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways

Artist – Foo Fighters
Album – Sonic Highways (2014)

Check it out –

Foo fighters began with Dave Grohl, previous drummer of Nirvana. After the tragedy that fell upon Dave’s previous band he decided not to quite, but to carry on and create something as big (if not bigger). Over the years Foo Fighters have comprised of a number of didn’t musicians, but at the minute we have Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Chris Shiflett, Nate Mendal and Pat Smear. Foo Fighters have been together for 20 years now and over that time achieved a number of accolades. These include headlining Wembley Stadium, Leeds/reading festival, T in the Park, Isle of Wight festival, writing numerous number one singles/albums and directing documentaries and TV shows. After the Foo’s last hit album ‘Wasting Light’ they follow up with their next effort ‘Sonic Highways’.

Now the Foo Fighters are at a very stabile and successful time in their career they’ve decided to experiment with each album. With Sonic Highways Dave and the gang have gone to 8 major ‘musical’ cities in american, interviewing top class musicians in those cities and writing a song there (all tied in with their TV show). First off the album is great as a whole … the one draw back i had was that you really couldn’t tell each song had been recorded in a different place. I appreciate the idea the Foo’s had, but every song sounds like a Foo Fighters song, not a Foo Fighters song with a bit of the Chicago blues or Memphis country (which was the reason for this album). That point aside this is another fine piece of work, including Dave’s signature screams, the usual catchy stadium hits and occasional ballad. One stand out song for me was the concluding 7 minute ‘I Am A River’. 7 minutes is rather strange/different for this band, which is interesting, plus it’s a great end to the album, creating a dramatic conclusion with the slow rise of dynamics and repetition of the title.

Despite the whole initial idea of the album kind of not being too obvious (cities & genres) this is another great Foo Fighters album. I will still need to listen over a few times to see if anything stays with me and their fan base like previous hits ‘Everlong’, ‘Best Of You’ and ‘Times Like These’. But overall Sonic Highways is certainly worth a purchase, and i would highly recommend watching the accompanying TV show.


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