Review #32: U2 – Songs Of Innocence

Artist – U2
Album – Songs Of Innocence (2014)

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U2 formed in 1976, consisting of lead singer ‘Bono’, guitarist ‘The Edge’, drummer ‘Larry Mullen’ and bassist ‘Adam Clayton’. U2 gained fame through a number of incredible albums, most notably ‘Joshua Tree’. The band have become known as being an extremely hardworking unit through numerous tours they do, gaining them the top spot and 6th spot for highest grossing tours. U2 have constantly tried to push boundaries, whether it be musically, production wise or through business, and this album is no different. Songs Of Innocence is the bands latest album of which they had sent to everybody’s iPhone/iPod.

Songs Of Innocence has become a kind of controversial album due to the style of its release. U2 did a deal with Apple which allowed them to send a copy of their new album to everybody with an apple account (whether they wanted the album or not). Some people don’t mind this, they see it as simply getting a free album, others on the other hand feel that this album has been pushed on them and that they should only have an album if they actually wanted it. I personally am in the middle, i enjoyed the album so wasn’t too fussed about it showing up in my iTunes, but i do understand how people may feel negatively about it.

Songs Of Innocence, despite it controversy, is actually a decent album (nothing like Joshua Tree, but perfectly okay). It contains a mixture of tracks, the catchy riff driven ‘The Miracle’, typical U2 style ballads in ‘Iris’ and the more emotional soft songs such as ‘Song For Someone’. Instrumentation is pretty much the same as always, except there seemed to be the inclusion of different synth tones a bit more than usual, such as on the song ‘Sleep Like a Baby Tonight’. The Edge brings his usual effect driven melodies and riffs to the table, and the bass and drums are locked in tight plodding along to a slower paced album.

Despite the anger this album has caused it is actually a decent enough album, I just think U2 went the wrong way about distributing it. Saying that though, they thought out of the box, tried something new (even if it didn’t work) and managed to have thousands of people hear their music … which every artist wants.


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