Review #31: Mallory Knox – Asymmetry

Artist – Mallory Knox
Album – Asymmetry (2014)

Check it out –

Mallory Knox are an alternative rock band from the UK. Forming in 2009 Mallory Knox consists of 5 members, with the typical rock band set up, bass, drums, vocals, lead & rhythm guitar. Currently the band have released a couple of E.Ps and L.Ps, the first full album ‘Signals’ being released early 2013. Signals reached number 33 in the album charts and from this success gained the band support slots with A Day To Remember, Every time I Die and Don Bronco. Mallory now release their second album ‘Asymmetry’.

Asymmetry is perfectly fine as a generic alt-rock album, including soft ballads and quick standard rock tracks. The main problem this album has is the word i’ve just mentioned ‘generic’. Over the years there have been a large number of alt-rock bands that write the exact same sounding music, and this album sounds like any one of them could have easily written it instead. Nothing on the album is creative or different from any other alt-rock band around at the minute, whether it be the delay filled guitar lead, typical song structure or the singer style and production overall. Don’t get me wrong, nothing on the album sounds bad, all the musicians performed well and the songs have been written well … it just sounds like they’ve follow a ‘how to write an alt-rock song’ book note for note. Asymmetry will probably please Mallory’s fan base and fans of similar bands, but there is nothing to grab other music fans or anything catchy enough to become a real hit for the band. Mallory knox have become one of a number of bands that Radio 1 etc have been promoting recently as ‘bands to watch’ … this is totally incorrect in this case, and especially whilst bands like Marmozets are out at the same time in their career creating real powerful music.

As mentioned, if you are a fan of this band and others like it you will probably enjoy this album … if not, give it a miss and listen to something else. You won’t be loosing out.


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