Review #28: Slipknot – .5: The Gray Chapter

Artist – Slipknot
Album – .5: The Gray Chapter

Check it out –

Slipknot are a band that really need no introduction from me, if you don’t know who this band are then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past 20 years. Saying that though I will introduce this band, as thats the point of this blog. Slipknot were one of the seminal bands during the rise of the Nu-Metal genre, along with Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine etc. Slipknot formed in 1995 comprised of a surprising 9 members, this included a DJ and percussion section, as well as the typical bass, guitar, drums and vocals. Their last album contained the hits ‘Phychosocial’ and ‘Dead Memories’ to join a roster of memorable metal tracks ‘Duality’, ‘Before I Forget’. Slipknot now face the release of their 5th full album ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’.

‘.5: The Gray Chapter’ is the first album recorded by Slipknot after the tragic death of their bassist, therefore this album is a kind of tribute to him and his music. The band haven’t felt the need to slow down and write slightly soppier songs due to the album subject, but instead kept to what Paul Gray loved, fast heavy metal. The intro however is slower and more dramatic, leading into the rest of the album which seems grittier than their last effort ‘All Hope Is Gone’ and more like their earlier work. Corey’s voice is excellent, staying mainly in the standard singing style, but on occasion drifting into screams and low growls to create that aggressive tone. The guitar work is top class as ever, sounding extremely fast and precise. Although long standing drummer Joey Jordison left the band prior to this album being recorded it isn’t too noticeable, whom ever filled in on drums (which hasn’t been announced) did a great job replicating Joeys style, incorporating quick double bass pedal work and blast beats to mould within the rest of the band.

This is a fantastic album of which i think the band are proud of and the late Paul Gray would be as well. It is a return to form after a slight departure in style (not saying there was anything wrong with ‘All Hope Is Gone’). This is definitely an album any slipknot fan would love, and any fan of strong aggressive metal.


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