Review #27: Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were

Artist – Ben Howard
Album – I Forget Where We Were (2014)

Check it out –

Ben Howard is an English singer-songwriter. Ben tends to write catchy acoustic folk songs using a mixture of alternative tuning and picking techniques which put him amongst artists such as Newton Faulkner & John Butler. Ben’s highest accolades are probably playing the main stage at 2013s Glastonbury festival and also headlining other smaller festivals such as Boardmasters. Currently Ben Howard has two full studio albums out, the extremely popular ‘Every Kingdom’ (2011), which shot him to fame, and the follow up release ‘I Forget Where We Were’.

Very similar to it’s previous release ‘I Forget Where We Were’ contains soft acoustic ballads built up with beautiful piano/guitar melodies, Ben’s haunting vocals and backing vocals that fit perfectly. As mentioned this album is very similar to the previous, it feels like a simple follow up of tracks Ben could have written at the same time & therefore fit perfectly fine on the previous album. There are a few times (the song ‘Evergreen’ in particular) that there is a small sense of shift in style, these songs sounding darker in tone, but this is very seldom and sparse. Lyrics are very typical of this genre, but written in a way that flow well between his guitar melodies and aren’t as shallow or straight forward as some other artists. Production does sound slightly better on this album, a smoother low end and nice crisp middles/highs on the guitars, this possibly coming from a higher budget after the success of Ben’s debut.

This album is perfectly enjoyable, there are some catchy songs, some songs to chill out too and some to cry too, which every singer-songwriter likes to go for. Just don’t expect a drastic (or slight) change in Howard’s style throughout the album, he has simply gone for what he likes and knows his audience like (which is fine).


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