Review #24: SBTRKT – Wonder Where We Land

Artist – SBTRKT
Album – Wonder Where We Land (2014)

Check it out –

SBTRKT (pronounced Subtract) is an electronic outfit led by Aaron Jerome. Beginning his career remixing tracks by artists such as Radiohead, M.I.A & Basement Jaxx, Aaron them went on to write and release his own material, which so far includes 6 E.Ps and 2 Albums. Jeromes particular stand out feature is the traditional tribal face mask he wears during gigs and incorporates into his album artwork, this is used (along with the alternative stage name) to support the concept of anonymity for Aaron as an artist. SBTRKT now brings out his follow up album Wonder Where We Land, will it be the success that his debut was?

Wonder Where We Land isn’t much of a departure musically from SBTRKTs previous self-titled album, sticking to a similar slow chilled out electronic vibe. This album gains from a wealth of guest talent filling in on vocal duties, these include a few featured on the last album (Jessie Ware, Sampha) and a few new surprises (Warpaint, A$AP Ferg), my personal favourite performance being Raurys Rapping on the track ‘Higher’. Typically this LP sticks to a similar tone and genre throughout, but at times theres a slight shift, tracks such as ‘NEW DORP. NEW YORK’ add a tad more groove within the bass, whilst the song ‘Higher’ glides through with a minimalistic chilled out feel. Production is sounding crisp and clear (as tends to be with producers as artists), the bass is deep and smooth and synth stands out nicely without sounding too harsh.

Overall this is a enjoyable, interesting and innovative album. There isn’t much in terms of pop or catchy tracks that’ll reach any height in the charts, but not every artists necessarily needs that.


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