Review #23: Marmozets – The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets

Artist – Marmozets
Album – The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets (2014)

Check it out –

Marmozets, formed 2007, are an alt-rock band from West Yorkshire. Through a couple of fantastic E.Ps and powerful live performances Marmozets have quickly grown a large enthusiastic fan base, gaining them a record deal on Road Runner records. So far Marmozets only have a couple of E.Ps and a hand-full of singles to their name, so with this debut album the band are really going to show the music scene what they are made of.

Basically this is a fantastic album, especially for the bands first attempt. The raw power of Marmozets live shows are embedded in every song, promoting why you should go to a Marmozets gig as well as promoting their music. Heavy (but catchy) riffs and breakdowns help this album remain memorable after the first listen, rather than an onslaught of distortion and aggression with no re-listenable appeal. Lead singer Becca Macintyres vocals are excellent, displaying typical singing along with the screaming known within this style, reminding me of Hayley Williams (Paramore) but with some balls. Besides the Heavy head rocking tracks there are a stream of more melodic songs, showcasing another side to this band, hopefully gaining them more recognition. As is known with Marmozets and within this genre, technical playing is key, and this album doesn’t stray from that with each band member displaying a depth of rhythmic knowledge which is great to see in such a young band.

I am very excited and interested to see where Marmozets go from this album, musically and in their career. This band are one of a hand-full pushing heavy music within the UK, therefore are one we should all keep an eye on and back.


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