Review #22: Professor Green – Growing Up In Public

Artist – Professor Green
Album – Growing Up In Public (2014)

Check it out –

Professor Green (Stephen Paul Manderson) is an English rapper/singer-songwriter. Green began his career by getting signed to The Beats record label, managed by Mike Skinner from The Streets. During the early stages of Greens career he gained recognition from performing with such artists as Lily Allen and winning the Jumpoff Myspace rap battle, of which the reward was £50,000. Professor Green has two full albums, one mixtape and one E.P out, and now adds to that with his recent effort ‘Growing Up In Public’.

‘Growing Up In Public’ has a variety of styles compared to the typical rap album, containing rock type tracks like ‘I Need Church’ (musically sounding similar to Kasabain) to ballad style tracks, such as ‘Fast Life’ and ‘Lullaby’. The album contains a wealth of contrasting guest spots, including Rizzle Kicks, Tori Kelly and Mr. Probz, who each put out fantastic performances, my personal highlight being Tori Kelly who’s vocals are top notch technique wise. Greens performance is as good as it always is, excellent flow and lyric writing, but nothing seems to have been pushed technique wise. For instance Eminem showed the speed in which he can rap on ‘Rap God’ from his latest album, Green doesn’t do this but seems to carry on with the popular styles he’s known for. Production is fine for a general pop-rap album, everything from the highs to the lows sounding spot on, there just isn’t any experimentation, but this isn’t to be expected from this type of album.

Generally this is another fine album from Pro Green, featuring some catchy enjoyable songs and talented guest spots. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the realms of experimentation or pushing the bar in terms of his work, but for a commercial rap album this works well.


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