Review #19: Twin Atlantic – Great Divide

Artist – Twin Atlantic
Album – Great Divide (2014)

Check it out –

Twin Atlantic are a Glasgow based Alt-rock band. Twin Atlantic have grown an extremely passionate fan base through support slots with bands such as Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Biffy Clyro and Smashing Pumpkins and by climbing the festival ladder at events such as Reading + Leeds, Sonisphere, Download etc. With 2 albums out so far, Vivarium (2009), Free (2011), Twin Atlantic now update their repertoire with the next LP Great Divide.

You will first notice throughout this album that lead singer Sam McTrusty sings with his Scottish accent, instead of incorporating a face american accent, as many bands do. The band and many articles categories them as Alt-rock, but i felt most of this album has shifted towards a more pop kind of sound, especially vocally. There were certain parts that reminded me of one direction (but slightly rockier) … which may be blasphemes to most Twin Atlantic fans. There still are plenty of riffs, catchy beats and bass lines, but they just don’t sound heavy enough to be named as alt-rock. To back up the pop feeling there are plenty of song with catchy/memorable choruses which’ll stick in the listeners head, such as ‘Heart and Soul’ and ‘Brothers and Sisters’.

Previous to this review i hadn’t really listened to much by Twin Atlantic, but felt i should due to the impressive support slots and fans such as Zane Lowe. My impression of them and this album is that they are a perfectly fine pop-rock band, but just a little too watered down for my taste. If a band are described as Alt-rock i want there to be something alternative about them, also for them to have a bit of grit (and balls) which is hard to hear in this album.


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