Review #16: Maroon 5 – V

Artist – Maroon 5
Album – V (2014)

Check it out –

Maroon 5 have become one of the most well known pop-rock bands around at the minute, achieving this through 5 hit albums, 3 grammys and the extremely popular song ‘Moves Like Jagger’. Maroon 5 began with the brilliant debut album ‘Songs About Jane’ (2002) which included the songs ‘This Love’, ‘Harder To breathe’ and ‘She Will Be Loved’. They then went on to move into the mainstream with the albums ‘Overexposed’ and the new album ‘V’.

Maroon 5 (in my opinion) are just another group that wrote some great music first off, gained popularity and then went down the pop/dance root into the mainstream charts to gain more success. Just like Ellie Golding, Shakira, Black Eyed Peas etc Maroon 5s music has removed the original feel that made them interesting and filled it with synths leads, programmed drums and repetitive uninspired lyrics. The difference with this album ‘V’ from the bands previous is there doesn’t seem to be the blatant hit song that’ll top the charts for weeks, which ‘Overexposed’ had in ‘Moves Like Jagger’. Lead singer Adam Levines vocals are sounding great, if not a little over produced, with backing and effect that at times make him sound like a few other chart topping stars. Musically there isn’t anything to rave about, everything is standard in rhythm and melody, doing its job of getting the punters in the club dancing. It’s kind of hard to comment on how well each other member of the band has performed, due to the drums sounding programmed and the bass/guitar sounding too perfect (meaning cut, copied + pasted to death).

I wasn’t a fan of this album. As mentioned i felt it was just another in a long list of albums with artists selling out to gain a wider popularity, minus any really popular songs.


One thought on “Review #16: Maroon 5 – V

  1. Wow! I didn’t even see this review until after I read the Fall Out Boy one, but I completely agree with this! Except the popular song from this album was Animals, but other than that very blah and not original or interesting at all.

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