Review #14: Lonely The Brave – The Day’s War

Artist – Lonely The Brave
Album – The Day’s War (2014)

Check it out –

Lonely The Brave are a UK rock five piece from Cambridge. Currently less known than a lot of the artists i have reviewed, this band are on the verge of hitting the big time with praise from Radio 1’s Zane Lowe and Kerrang! magazine. With a back catalogue of a few E.Ps and singles LTB now release their first full LP ‘The Day’s War’.

First things first … finally a UK rock band that sing with their actual accents and don’t put on fake american ones. This album contains straight forward rock tracks and catchy hits with sing along choruses, which is what makes a popular rock album popular. As mentioned previously, the singer uses his actual accent (which adds a couple of marks for me). As well as this singer David Jakes displays a nice tone and range. Instrumentation is standard on this album, including bass, drums, vocals and guitars. This doesn’t show much experimentation, but each musician performs well on their instrument, and if a straight forward rock album is what Lonely The Brave wanted to write, then they’ve certainly done that.

As mentioned there is not really much in the form of experimenting on this album. It would have been nice to see the band push their music in the form of complexed rhythms, riff and solos, but all there really is is pretty simple rock music played well. Their are a number of young rock groups popping up at the minute, at lot of them progressing their music and doing more interesting things than LTB. This album isn’t bad in anyway (i quite enjoyed it), but if this band want to compete with Royal Blood, Young Guns etc then they need to do something a bit special with their next album.


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