Review #12: Kasabian – 48:13

Artist – Kasabian
Album – 48:13 (2014)

Check it out –

Kasabian are a Leicester based indie-rock band. Kasabian began with the three albums ‘Kasabian’ (2004), ‘Empire’ (2006) and ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’ (2009), which gained them accolades such as ‘Best Act In The World Today’ by Q Awards and hit singles such as ‘Fire’ and ‘Underdog’. Kasabian then went on to put out their next two albums ‘Velociraptor!’ (2011) and ’48:13′ (2014), which to me seem to be the downfall in hit albums from this band. But still Kasabian sell plenty of albums and manage to headline Glastonbury .. so maybe i’m wrong. Here is my review of ’48:13′.

My first problem with this album comes from the name & artwork. Kasabian maybe trying to be different and to be making some sort of point .. but it comes off more as lazy, simply naming the album as the duration of it over a pink background. Simplistic artwork and naming like this brings to mind System Of A Downs album ‘Steal This Album’ .. which simply had that written on the front, but that was making a point about the consumption of music. Secondly there seems to be no catchy tracks on this album, or catchy riffs which guitarist Sergio became known for. Repeatedly throughout this album there seems to be repetitive chants of certain lyrics (almost in a football chant style) which the band may think is catchy .. but it isn’t. The band have on previous albums brought in electronics, but on this seem to have upped the anti, which are kind of hit and miss. Some songs are broadened by the use of synths within the usual instrumentation, but then other parts seem unnecessary.

In Kasabians discography this is my least favourite album .. and i really enjoyed the first three. There is still a small amount of the Kasabian swagger, but everything that made them great (the catchy songs, epic anthems/riffs) is missing.


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