Review #9: La Roux – Trouble In Paradise

Artist – La Roux
Album – Trouble In Paradise

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La Roux began comprised of singer Elly Jackson and producer Ben Langmaid, in which they wrote one very successful debut album ‘La Roux’. Ben Langmaid then decided to split from the duo after a number of unsuccessful collaborations and the conflict between the duo. Elly Jackson decided to carry on the musical endeavour, bringing her second album out ‘Trouble In Paradise’ (a fitting title), still under the name La Roux.

‘Trouble In Paradise’ exudes groove, from the smooth sliding bass lines to the catchy drums beats, each song gets the listener tapping their feet and swaying side to side. This album initially sounds slightly different production and style wise, obviously resulting from the departure of producer Ben Langmaid. I feel this isn’t a change for the worse though, just a different, interesting sound. La Roux keeps her usual synth-pop sound and with that the same general instrumentation, programmed drums, a warm bass sound and keys, but as well as these she includes funk style electric guitars with multiple effects and short saxophone elements. Elly Jacksons vocals are on key throughout the entire album showcasing some nice melodies and harmonies, but their just doesn’t seem to be any incredible stand out moments.

This album is perfectly fine for La Rouxs follow up, especially after the trouble Elly Jackson went through, it just doesn’t push her music commercially or experimentally passed the debut album. Their doesn’t seem to be a single track that will hit the level of popularity that ‘Bulletproof’ or ‘In For The Kill’ did on the previous album. But all in all it was a fun piece of work which i enjoyed throughout.


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