Review #8: Royal Blood – Royal Blood (Self Titled)

Artist – Royal Blood
Album – Royal Blood (2014)

Check it out –

Rock duo Royal Blood formed in 2012 and have rose to popularity very quickly since then. Conisiting of bassist/singer Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher, Royal Blood have stormed the UK rock scene with their heavy garage rock sound. With support slots from Arctic Monkeys and being nominated as BBCs sound of 2014, this band sharply put together a full LP whilst all eyes were on them … this LP being the new self titled ‘Royal Blood’.

Royal Blood (the album) is a tour de force of distorted rock riffs and heavy drum beats. This band manages to write songs with just two members that sound fuller and heavy that most metal/rock bands around at the minute. Each song contains cool catchy riffs which any guitarist or bassist will be learning as soon as the tracks finished. Lead Singer Mike Kerrs vocals are excellent throughout this album, in some parts displaying a Chino Moreno vibe (Deftones vocalist), having that soft haunting tone which then storms in a deep growl. Drummer Ben Thatcher plays as a key role in creating as wide a sound as the singer/bassist in this band does, by not just keeping a standard beat, but interesting odd rhythms and catching fills to almost become one of the missing melodic instruments. His powerhouse playing represents drummers such as John Bonham and Dave Grohl, in which you can feel the strength and passion in his playing. There seems to be many artists at the minute taking on the duo style, such as Drenge, God Damn and Deep Valley, but i think Royal Blood really present something different from these groups, something that makes them feel like more than just two musicians.

For a first album and a band that has only been together for two years, this is a brilliant first try. It doesn’t display anything massively different or game changing, but does offer a bunch of catchy, heavy, mosh endusing tracks to sink your teeth into.


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