Review #7: Biffy Clyro – Opposites

Artist – Biffy Clyro
Album – Opposites (2013)

Check it out –

Biffy Clyro are a rock trio from Scotland. I have to begin this interview by admitting that Biffy Clyro are currently my favourite band. I will try to keep this interview as unbiased as possible … but my love for this band may pop in there every so often. Anyway, Biffy Clyro were together for around 10 years before getting the massive audience they have achieved today. Beginning with the first three albums ‘Blackened Sky’, ‘The Vertigo Of Bliss’ and ‘Infinity Land’, Biffy Clyro proved their talent for writing heavy rock tracks with odd rhythms and complicated guitar riffs. Biffy then released ‘Puzzle’ which showcased their ability to write catchy songs and soft acoustic tracks with ‘Machines’. The album ‘Only Revolutions’ pushed Biffy to the forefront of rock with the extremely popular song ‘Many Of Horrors’ along with ‘The Captain’ and ‘God and Satan’. Biffy Clyro have now released their latest album (a double album) called ‘ Opposites’, with popularity that has given them the opportunity to headline festivals such as Leeds/Reading, T in The Park and isle of Wight.

Biffy Clyro are a band that when they could easily ride off the success of their previous album, they decide not to do that, but instead pushes themselves to write a double album, when no one else is. ‘Opposites’ has a wide variety of styles, spanning from standard rock hits such a ‘The Jokes On Us’ and ‘Stingin’ Belle’, to the emotional ballads like ‘Biblical’ and ‘Opposites’. This album begins with an incredible, dramatic introduction song ‘Different People’ and then plows through twenty equally interesting songs, which all bring something new to the table. Instrumentation wise Biffy have experimented by removing the orchestral style of the previous album and adding new instruments such as the kazoo and bagpipes, as well as trying different styles such as mariachi with songs like ‘Spanish Radio’. Although Biffy have progressed far from their first few albums, writing more pop friendly tracks, Biffy still manage to incorporate the odd rhythms they were originally known for.

Personally this isn’t my favourite Biffy Clyro Album (that being Puzzle), but this is still a brilliant album. For a double album their doesn’t seem to be any filler, just catchy and experimental tracks. This is quite possibly one of the best popular albums coming from 2013.


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