Review #5: Bastille – Bad Blood

Artist – Bastille
Album – Bad Blood (2013)

Check it out –

Bastille are a London based rock band, originating from a solo project formed by lead singer/songwriter Dan Smith. Their first album ‘Bad Blood’ did exceptionally well, debuting at the top of the charts and gaining Bastille numerous awards, such as ‘Best Breakthrough Band’ from the Brits. Off the success of this first album Bastille have gone on to headline or place high up on the bill of UK & international festivals, as well as sell out their own headline tours.

‘Bad Blood’ in my opinion easily deserves the credit and praise it has gained. This album is one of very few at the moment that doesn’t contain a skippable song, the one that as a critic was simply plowed through to have something to say about it. Most songs on this album could easy stand alone as singles and receive success, as the already released singles have. The mix of orchestrated ballads and dance hits keeps the listener transfixed and without reason to become bored. ‘Oblivion” Stands out as the track that really shows off lead singer Dan Smiths vocal range and harmonies. ‘Pompeii’ and ‘Of The Night’ pump the album up with a catchy beat and chorus to keep you singing and dancing, but not too fast or energetic that it feels out of place amongst the rest of the tracks. Drummer Chris Wood also does a fantastic job on this album, pushing percussion to the forefront of many songs, with a mixture of electronic and acoustics drums which bring a great dance vibe, along with a powerful tone.

‘Bad Blood’ over all flows well as an album, and is an exceptional first shot for the London quartet. Hopefully this isn’t a one hit wonder as many bands find when they shoot to fame so quickly. If Bastille are to follow a band with similar success it would be Arctic Monkeys, whom wrote their brilliant debut album ‘Whatever People Say I Am, Thats What I’m Not’, then carried on to grow and create excellent albums.


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