Welcome …

The best way to improve as a writer is to … write (a lot). Therefore i have decided to create this blog, reviewing on a regular basis music albums and singles, whether they be recent releases, classics or personal favourites. I shall also from time to time review gigs that i’ve gone to (as i go to a lot).

A little about me …

My names Ben Mark Smith. I’m a musician. I play guitar mainly, also sing, play piano, bass and drums (a little). I’ve got a 2:1 degree in Popular Music and i’m currently training to become a music teacher. Music wise i’ve written 1 album (acoustic and blues based), 1 E.P (piano and synth based), music for a few youtube videos and a iphone game, i’ve also been in numerous bands (cover and original).

All my music can be found in the following links –


Thank you for reading, remember if you like what i’m going to be writing in the near future then interact (comment, follow etc). If you don’t like what i say about an album or artist, remember … it’s just my opinion, i may be wrong about something, music all about your personal preference.

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