Review #1: Porter Robinson – Worlds

Artist – Porter Robinson
Album – Worlds (2014)

Check it out –


Porter Robinson is an American electronic producer/DJ. Growing his fan base through remix’s and support slots for artists such as Deadmau5, Skrillex & Tiesto, Robinson has become one of the rising stars of the electronic scene. So far with numerous remix’s and one popular E.P ‘Spitfire’ to his name Robinson brings out his first full length LP ‘Worlds’.

After numerous play throughs of this album a few things became blatantly obvious, these being that ‘World’ has shifted far in its style and genre than Robinsons previous E.P ‘Spitfire’. Where as ‘Spitfire’ was comprised mostly of formulaic dubstep tracks, ‘Worlds’ seems to have moved to a straight forward melody focused electronic compilation. This new album has also certainly progressed musically from its predecessor. Instrumentation wise the album includes harps, strings, eastern instruments and samples, compared to ‘Spitfire’ which was far more bass, synth and drums focused. This expanding of instruments brings a larger sound to Robinsons music. A few key features i had noticed were the use of auto tune and gliding synths in the song ‘Fresh Static Flow’, creating a daft punk sound of sorts. Also another interesting addition were the samples of Japanese dialogue in songs such as ‘Flicker’, living up to the ‘japanophile’ name Robinson has gained from his love of Japanese culture. The samples and sounds Robinson uses throughout the album create a Japanese feel, in regards to j-pop. Maybe these clash of cultures relates to the name of the album.

This album is a progression for Porter Robinson, but not for electronic music as a whole. There are a number of points that don’t push this album to be great, rather than good. The melodies, chord progressions and rhythms are very standard, seeming to not push Robinson in anyway. Although their is a growth in instrumentation, these instruments are used in very simplistic ways, obviously not pushing Robinsons Theory knowledge to any great depths. Finally this album doesn’t do anything that every other electronic album hasn’t been doing for the past few years.

Overall i think this is a fine album for Porter Robinson and if he continues to progress like this he will slowly but surely create something special. Just don’t listen to it expecting to be awe struck.


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